A generic date for a man and a woman where they participate in the date and narrate their experiences. In the near future, relationships are negotiated using professional matchmakers, who hope for a spark between their clients. But what happens when the chemistry is between the matchmakers? Lonny and Dana are hosting their old friends shortly after their wedding where they discover not everyone was as impressed with the wedding reception. Close Alert Banner. Close Old Browser Notification. Browser Compatibility Notification.

One-act plays

The EdTA Survey of most performed shows for is now available. Nine-year-old Ben Jinks wants a pet, but a talking hamster wasn’t on his wish list. You Gotta Be Connected!

8/1, Earliest Date for One Act Play Practice. 1/11, Deadline for Notification of Entry in One Act Play. 2/6, Complete Region/Area One Act Plays. 2/8, Report.

Are opinions as worthy as reporting? Are people as desperate for money as they say? They wonder. Existential questions, and wine, keep flowing as the four women debate the options. Oliva handled the efficient set design for all the pieces. This overachiever soon realizes there is a lot to be fixed, but her lax supervisor Brian a hilarious Jonathan Randell Silver constantly dismisses her concerns.

The director Will Pomerantz perfectly captures the ease with which bureaucratic negligence can lead to horror, and the impotence that comes with realizing how easily we can brush aside problems that are invisible to us. Elements often work better individually than as a whole — Mr. After a minute intermission comes what turns out to be a scrumptious main course. The chemistry between Mr. Jones and Mr. The actors stand on opposite sides of the stage yet their characters establish a bond that reminds us of the way technology sometimes creates extraordinary connections.

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes. Consider your bouche amused.

Directors’ Showcase of One-Act Plays

This Play is the copyright of the Author and may not be performed, copied or sold without the Author’s prior consent. Scene I The plaintive notes of a melancholic tune, preferably one of Piazzolla’s tango compositions, fills the stage, followed by the chirping of birds. Sitting upright, very still with both hands holding on to a cane, he is impeccably dressed in a suit and a tie. His very short, punky hairstyle is at odds with the rest of his appearance He is carrying a briefcase.

The evening closes with Frank Tangredi’s Play Date, a whimsical and charming look at fatherhood from two very different perspectives. Playwrights Cary Pepper​.

The play did return, and won an Obie, in Theater for the mind: Naples Players splits education to emphasize community wellness. She has done so well, in fact, that Naples Players Associate Director Jessica Walck organized an afternoon performance solely of her works. Scott Lilly, The Studio Players artistic director, came. He told King he wanted to produce two of her works fully staged. That meant King needed staging, blocking, costumes and ideas for physical movement.

Tina Cedras, the feline in this play, put her costuming improvisation knowledge to work to create and borrow the looks. If the final play of the evening, “Zoo Story,” is fully formed, it also brings the silliness back down to earth fast. Middle class and sub-class,” Lilly said. It’s insane. Actually, Jerry, lonely and longing for any meaningful conservation could be insane, too.

What begins as a terse conversation on a park bench between him and the entrenched middle-class Peter escalates into an engagement with a dramatic turn.

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We never post opportunities that require a submission fee. Plays that have had staged readings are eligible. Cast size maximum: 10 Length: minutes maximum. No minimum. Settings should be simple or suggested. Playwrights may make multiple submissions.

This one-act comedy is set in the living room of Robert and Dolores Henry’s home in Harrison, Blind Date by Mario Diament I can see you like to play with.

Guy and Girl sit several tables away from each other at a restaurant and date one lunatic after another until they finally bump into each other at the end of the play. This one-act play is light on technical needs. The production notes only specify that two dinner tables are needed for the set. Each scene should end with a blackout for a better reveal of the next absurd character. Beyond that, the costumes, props, and any other set needs are up to the creativity of the production crew.

The main focus is on the actors who must drive the story and deliver the comedy. He does say that it would be interesting to see a cast of four where two actors play Girl and Guy and the other two actors play all of the other roles. He also allows for every scene to be cast with a different pair of actors, which would suit a larger cast of 26, but he believes that this is the least effective means of production.

Here is a video of some scenes from “Check Please. Share Flipboard Email.

‘Check Please:’ a 1-Act Play by Jonathan Rand

July 7, by davelefkowitz. One table at a small, almost elegant, continental restaurant. The table is covered by a huge white cloth, the front of which hangs down to the floor. Two napkins, two glasses of water, a vase with two real roses in it, and a bottle of ketchup sit on the table. The man uses his water glass to refill the vase.

Dotty Otley: A middle-aged television star who is not only the top-billed star but also one of the play’s principal investors. Dating the much younger Garry.

One-act plays were hugely popular as curtain-raisers in the Victorian age and during the early years of the 20th century. But they went out of fashion. They were vehicles for himself and his leading lady, Gertrude Lawrence, giving them a variety of roles to play, and also a chance to sing and dance. We Were Dancing, very light, very slight, is one of the weakest of the nine and relies entirely on the sophistication and the personalities of the actors.

A married woman Lianne Harvey and a married man James Sindall fall in love one night and out of love before dawn; and even before they have had time to have sex. A wife Tracey Pickup is fed up with her dull husband Stephen Fawkes who is always so nice, so kind, so noble and so forgiving. She encourages him to have an affair. Finding him reluctant to do so she confesses to affairs she has never had, hoping he will give her a good thrashing.

If only he had! Or, better still, kill her. It would have been totally appropriate denouement at the Little Theatre, home of Grand Guignol, and where The Better Half premiered in Coward said it was received with apathy, possibly, because it was a satire and too flippant in atmosphere after the full-blooded horrors that had gone before. A murder might have been just the thing to make the audience sit up.

I came out of the Old Red Lion thinking here are so many one-act plays which are far more worthy of revival.

The Studio Players tune up quick-hit one-act plays, plus a master’s work

It’s Valentine’s Day and the pressure is on. Seventeen crazy characters search for love in a round-robin game of speed dating. Everyone’s in on the action: a hopeless people-pleaser, a Frenchman, a guy hung up on his previous girlfriends, an art therapist, a clown, and more.

View plays ideal for. Middle School Date. Share this play Standard Edition ISBN: Seventeen crazy characters search for love in a round-robin game of speed dating. The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (one-​act).

Peierls Theatre, on the Second Stage. Selected from over submissions world-wide, these six cutting-edge premieres are guaranteed to entertain and engage. Pepper was represented in with Finding Love. Frank Tangredi marks his record-breaking sixth Festival play; his five previous works were Of Dogs and Dolphins ; Along the Faultline ; Useless Information ; Solitary ; and Peck Marking his twenty-second Festival and over one hundred plays , the evening is directed by Festival founder and Executive Artistic Director Jeffrey Sanzel.

Please Note: Adult content and language. Parental discretion is advised. Purchase Tickets. The reviews are not out yet, but they are sure to be awesome! Check back in February Bryjak Waiting for Seven by Phillip Hall. Dear Playwrights: Because we have had to postpone our Festival to February , we are currently closing submissions until October 1,

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The locals gather for the company, a stiff drink and the open fire. The landlord is a surly, middle-aged grump with an attractive younger wife. Their sarcastic comments towards each other are razor sharp. Buck is a young buck.

Jan 20, – Prefer to order scripts by mail using cheque or money order?

Little theatre will strut it’s varied stuff at a special pocket-sized DramaFest Tickets are available at the door. DramaFest Adjudicator is multi-award winning Australian actor, director, tutor and dramaturge, Barbara Lowing, well known for her film roles in Secrets and Lies, Mako; Island of Secrets and Tidelands. The adjudications and award presentations will take place after the last Saturday evening session. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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