Visit the organizer’s website for current details. This series of weekly webinars will highlight key aspects of the coronavirus response legislation and specific programs and policies enacted to help states, businesses, nonprofits and individuals during this unprecedented time as well as how they can access the billions of dollars in new non-dilutive government funding and other resources. G2G has already provided six webinars in this series of coronavirus response legislation and funding updates as a way for you to track government activity—new programs and funding streams, communicate it widely and connect people to these government resources to help companies and organizations accelerate bringing solutions forward for COVID If you cannot participate in the webinar and would like information or access to these government resources, please contact Liz Powell at lpowell G2Gconsulting. Click here to learn more and register! April 10 pm – pm Recurring Event See all An event every week that begins at pm on Tuesday, repeating until May 26, Details Date: April 10 Time: pm – pm.

COVID-19: Restrictions on movement – updates for mining on a rapidly changing situation

The Tasmanian Government requires people arriving in Tasmania to provide information to help determine entry and quarantine requirements. If you are travelling as a family or with multiple people, please note that information is required for all individuals. You are encouraged to register online for your Tasmanian travel pass.

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The G2G deals apparently are the safest method of purchasing arms due to absence of middlemen, with no chance of corruption and it also safeguards the interest of the nation, but it contradicts the basic essence of DPP i. The Government-To-Government G2G deal also known as Foreign Military Sales FMS program or Inter-Governmental Agreements is the Government’s program of a country for transferring or selling defence equipment or articles, services, and training to other foreign governments and international organizations.

Also, in cases where there is an urgent strategic and operational need for particular weaponry to meet the immediate requirements of the defence service, then G2G seems to be a sensible route. A comparison between the competitive procurements and through G2G depicts clearly that in recent years most of the deals by India have taken this route. Refer Fig. The Indian Ministry of Defence is adopting this route to make up shortfall in overall deficiency of equipment and preparedness profile of the services.

The share of these three countries is depicted in Figures. Government-to-Government Purchases from US.

Oakland County, Mich., Taking Shared Services National

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. A WA man refused an exemption to return to Perth while his Vietnamese wife was initially granted one has had the decision overturned by police, allowing him and his young family to enter the state. Beauden Gellard, 32, has been living in New Zealand with his wife Giang Nguyen and the couple, along with their infant son, had applied to come home as soon as they could on medical, compassionate and work grounds.

were: G2G, e-government, online government, online service, municipalities, agen- Level: Progress to Date and Future Issues.

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Email Address. Sign In. G2G interaction among local agencies in developing countries based on diffusion of innovations theory Abstract: Technological advancement has allowed governments to meet the demands of its citizens electronically. Electronic government e-Government facilitates accurate and fast transactions and delivery of services and information to businesses, citizens, and government agencies. Moreover, e-Government helps enhance democracy. Agencies interact with one another electronically through the e-Government, which enhances efficiency.

Leaders and information technology executives in the public sector have recognized the importance of sharing inter-organizational information to improve the efficiency of government agencies. Therefore, this study takes the diffusion of innovations theory as context to identify the most important factor affecting the electronic interaction between local agencies in developing countries.

The first G2G e-services available via “Trembita”

The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school’s website. The original series ran for 26 half-hour episodes, and premiered on the Nine Network in Australia in The network also published an online game associated with the series, called G2G: Extra Credit. In it was picked up on Toonavision.

The show typically begins with Maddison receiving an e-mail on her PDA about the troubles of anonymous students in her school and her trying to give that personal advice, while facing a problem nearly identical to the one described in the e-mail , which often ends up giving her the answer she needs to help: the troubled sender. G2G features mostly teenage or preteen characters, with the appearance of teachers and parents on occasion, in a fictional North American junior high school.

In addition, technical support is available on the G2G PASS website. should receive confirmation of travel approval prior to your travel date.

This initiative is a digital solution that is quick and efficient for people that need to travel during these restrictions. Once this application has been approved you can proceed to download the app on your smartphone. These approvals can take up to 72 hours but may vary depending on the number of applications being processed. If you do not receive an email approving your application, it means that your application is still pending.

If you do not have a compatible smartphone and are unable to download or use the G2G Pass app, you should print a copy of the approved application and take it with you when you travel. The WA Police will ask to see a copy of the approved application. If your application was rejected and you have questions or concerns, you should email g2gwa police. You should include your full name and the application number in the email. It can quickly verify that you have an exemption from the travel restrictions and you will be able to move through a checkpoint faster.

Even if you have network connection issues. How does it work? Unsuccessful and revoked applications If your application was rejected and you have questions or concerns, you should email g2gwa police. Reviewed: 23 April

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The Minerals Council of Australia Chief Executive Tania Constable has stated that continuing the movement of essential operational staff was crucial in keeping the mining industry active as the nation faces economic shocks fanned by the coronavirus spread. Yet despite these statements, the restrictions on interstate and intrastate movements are constantly changing.

To assist you in managing the movements of your workers, we have collated the following snapshot outlining the travel restrictions currently in place and the potential restrictions your company may need to be aware of when navigating workforce movements to and from site. For more up to date information and specific advice, please contact Marshall McKenna.

Directors of Mississauga Halton LHIN Health Service Provider invite you to the next Governance to Governance (G2G), as follows: Date.

By autumn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be ready to share and use electronic data about passports, and about wanted persons. This data will be available also for the State Fiscal Service, where officials can check the status of persons while providing administrative services. The improved status control of people will help to reduce identity frauds.

The secure data exchange via Trembita does not happen at one click. First of all government institutions should conduct a business analysis and determine which information should be exchanged between institutions. Secondly, a legal collision which prevent the electronic data exchange should be discovered and eliminated. Thirdly, an agreement on information exchange must be signed between parties.

When the three steps are made the IT-development can start. Every day, up to 20 people are involved in making the data exchange possible. To date, the following government institutions are interested in connecting their registries and databases to Trembita and create services for officials and citizens:. The agreements are waiting to sign with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education.

Next: New members appointed to Supervisory Board. Success Stories. Trembita data exchange solution in Ukraine.

G2G, Accra

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As a result of user feedback, the authors enhanced their social networking system, G2G, with functionalities such as login with Facebook. Mobile advertisement was included for enhancing the user experience. A modular approach has been followed for the system design. The original G2G system interfaced cleanly with the Facebook application programming interfaces APIs and the mobile advertisement subsystem through wrapper components.

The result was a much improved user experience as existing Facebook subscriptions facilitated new users to use the system. The enhanced system integrates seamelessly with Facebook facilitating thus the entry of new users and with a mobile advertisement platform, and provides for advanced security functionalities. Mourtzoukos, K.